April 24, 2016

About Earlywormsolutions


Earlywormsolutions Limited is a small and varied company specialising in high quality assessments in the field of Dyslexia. Staff are qualified and have developed an excellent approach to assessment and communication with young and older people who need our assessments.

Founded in 2005, Earlywormsolutions has consistently delivered high-level educational support within across the UK. Building on their successful careers as formed Headteachers and Special Educational Needs Consultants, Directors Patrick and Dot Webb set up earlywormsolutions with the aim to improve the educational support available. Now, after over 10 years Earlywormsolutions has developed a reputation for their dedication to their profession and the standard of educational support that they provide.

We are currently working with Grimsby University and FE College and have a number of private clients.

Earlywormsolutions Limited are registered members of Patos.